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Great Rift Valley 

           Eastafrica - Tanzania

Presentation to the year of foundation and the construction of the project for a long time the

MWS Massai Wildlife Soziety

Lasting protection of the wildlife through instructions and practical supports of the populations, especially the Massai, in the systems of the ecology of habitats at the outskirts of nationalparks
and in game reserves.

The Massai in future can stand with their name for an unique habitat of the ecological conservation and the wealth of wildlife.


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Stefan Rutzen
citizenship German
Lutheran Protestant
Industry-Mechanic in installations and system-technology

Gartenweg 7 B
D - 37534 Eisdorf

0049 5522/83432

Liomo Elias Laiser
citizenship Tanzania - of the people of the Massai
Lutherisch Protestant
study in Uganda and existed with a Bechalor in Financial Managing

P.O. box 98


Photos of Stefan Rutzen and Liomo Elias Laiser

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     Stefan Rutzen and Liomo Elias Laiser

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