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Stefan Rutzen

Stefan Rutzen
citizenship German
Lutheran Protestant
Industry-Mechanic in installations and system-technology
Gartenweg 7 B
D - 37534 Eisdorf

0049 5522/83432

I became at the 28.05.1973 in Germany / Niedersachsen at the edge of the low mountain region Harz born and I am 40 years old.

In my children and teens, I was very much in the nature. I always bandaged nature the experience with romantic relaxation and also with the true adventure. I spent a bulk of my leisure time in a bird-station, that is in a splendid nature-area, and where native bird-types are looked after still today and are bred. My thoughts became through the intensive contact with like-minded, but however older people, grasped over our ecological contact with our habitat in first explanatory sentences.

I visited the secondary school Röddenberg in Osterode at the resin. I completed an education as the Industry-Mechanic successfully at the company Piller in Osterode at the resin in the year 1994. Afterwards, I completed an armed forces-service for four years, that I have in german-french corps with a foreign-deployment in Bosnia as a corporal in 1998 finished. I gained at that time the realization that I would not advocate every foreign-use as a soldier in the service of the Federal Republic of Germany in the future. This opinion, my development of finishing with the armed forces became through the Afghanistan-use / war confirmed questionable for me. Differently than at the peace-promoting use in the former Yugoslavia, as well high work the developments mean the logistics and also economy to the builds againthat it now is no more than few token-projects in Afghanistan since 2001!

After one year of montage-work in European car-works, I got an employment in Osterode at the resin at the company Kodak in 1999. With the subsequent years, I established a family, and a house built.

Someday however, I made basic thoughts about my further life for myself. To these thoughts, I remembered also my childhood, that I spent very much in the nature. There, I got spares the first ideas to the possibilities of the public enlightenments and formations of the topics to the ecology and the habitat-conservation interconnected with it.

First timidly tried I beside my family and also work, nature-leaderships, to execute Eisdorf for the children of the nursery-school and the primary school. In biology and zoology of home-like nature-areas, I can show a good knowledge and so I can bring the children and also parents to the nature on a harmonic and amusing way nearer. Soon, the next step came for me. I tried to escape again back on several weeks' canoe-tours into the nature even if it was in each case only for some week. These trips from untouched nature-areas in Europe, led me to the decision finally someday to take a quite new direction in my lives.

On one of my canoe-tours, I got the idea to the book Luka the wolf. I wrote this book and shaped it with illustrations. Luka the wolf was printed by my own finance-means and was lent to the people in Eisdorf and the surroundings. Long ago already, it had happened about me and so I sat down again and I wrote even further children and teens, that became ever more extensive.

This directional-change simply should not work out my work in a four-layer-business and my family, that I wanted to neglect through it by no means, in consideration especially since I lack credible school-qualifications in topics of the ecology, biology, Author works and project-leadership in the foreign aid still today. 

But I believed quite firmly already at that time that not alone only a vocational one

Qualification decides whether an activity can carry fruits. Still today, one of my quite big models is the protruding Mrs. Dr things. Valerie Jane Goodell, that at beginning as a trained secretary, without a college-education and a Bachelor-Grad, a research-institute established and produced very important research-results over chimpanzees until today. With an extraordinary authorization in Ann-recognition her/its/their profit-hands behavioral-observations at chimpanzees she studied ethnology successfully and later acquired also her doctorate.

I became more and more courageously in the course of time and the opinions of my fellow men about the defiance, I decided to take an exact direction.

In the last years, I have myself intensively in biology, zoology, geography, ecology and general-knowledge continued education.

Since my childhood of illustrating I gladly nature real pictures with pencil, in watercolor, in acrylic and also in oil.

On one of my canoe-tours in Sweden, in a balmy midsummer-night, I came on the idea groundbreaking for me to write nature-child-books and to also illustrate. It is my first child-book: Luka the wolf, whom I let printed also with own finance-means.

"Luka the wolf. I call adventure nature" many of my nature-undertakings, because as curiously as a young wolf, also our children want to be!

In the subsequent years, manuscripts were created in the literature-areas for toddlers, children and teenagers.

It is science many sides of diverse books about nature, ecology, with much heart and love and much courageous imagination originated. The leading roles in the books take over children and animals with particular, adventurous experiences in the nature. There, however, there are also quite special, adult people, that put in their heart and mind for it, the life of the people and the creatures to shape one good piece more livable in the nature and our environment, on our planet earth.

According to originated in many hours of work the manuscripts:

- Luka the wolf discovers the world Toddler-book 12 sides

- Luka the wolf and the mysterious lake Child-book 65 sides

- Bat Suse  Child-book 27 sides

- Ferdinand the Globetrotters and Sam the Humpback Whale Child-book 34 sides

- In the savanna is incredibly something loosely Toddler-book 21 sides

- Jomo the gamekeepers and the Black Rhinoceroses Child-book 37 sides

- Our friend Jomo the gamekeepers Child-book 25 sides

- Forester Jatzek and the flying raft Child-book 36 sides

- Florian and the weightless rainforest Children - youth-book 68 sides

- Mbele and the bewitched Massaistick Youth-book 140 sides

- Lea bush and the bewitched way of the realization Youth-book 371 sides

- The source of all rivers Youth-book 263 sides

these manuscript-works lies several deep offspring - youth-book-publishing houses to the insight before. I work on further book-ideas at the moment.

My particular interest is directed at the knowledge-areas of the zoology, biology, geography and the main ecology to all habitats on our planet. To an argument-analysis of certain topics, I inform myself wide-fanned out in science - and also theology-analytik.

I have an especially deep affection to a quite particular area the harsh extreme and however the fascinating beauties.
I have myself in Eastafrica. Tanzania falls in love and I would like to give much affection to this love.
To my love of Eastafrica with different trips, developed and concretised also my view-manner to one of the poorest countries of this world for itself.
I would like to work out my interest to the Eastafrican country Tanzania nature and culture-protection to a direct foreign aid in education and practical support in the areas. To the topics of the applied and lasting ecology as the most distinctive form of the foreign aid, I would like together with my partner Liomo Elias, one Bachelor in Financial Managing on the internationally lined up university of Kampala / Uganda and a member from the people of the Massai, an ecology-educational-center builds. Through the ecological further education in theoretical and also practical topic, we would like to give a future in alternative economics to the cultures at the edge of the game-protectorates and the national-parks in northwest of Tanzania. With a lasting alignment of the populations with the Northern Circuit of the national-parks and game-protectorates, the game-protection, together with the locals people, should be advanced.

If the people from the ecology of their habitat and the game-protection will recognize a chance to the safeguarding of their life-conversation, then, one can also further important projects move on way with them, that well all the human being and also game-animals will do.

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