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New findings and old experiences
A food shortage calls alleged agrarian experts on the market that wants to grasp the farmers helping under the arms and seed, fertilizer and of course also sprays of renowned concerns for supposedly moderate price offer, one simply calculates the profit once, however. Advantageous credits, that can be served by the actually penniless farmers no more already very soon, then are offered for this spiral of the errors as well. A collapse is pre programmed mostly, because the trade market is extremely variable and if the agriculture cannot store the products gentle on the spot, they are subject to an unfair price pressure. The praised seed goods don't produce the promised result mostly, because they are able to handle the local environment conditions in no way. The ground is incriminated by different poisons additionally gradually and also the increased water consumption lowers the water table. Now, even the industry states must recognize that the cultivation grounds weaken the industrialized agriculture with artificial fertilizer and sprays strongly persistently. More and more the natural cycle of the creatures goes in the grounds, from the micro culture incipient until over the molluscs, that dew worms the Health promoting accompanying plants up to important, lost. Sinks in principle, through the extreme compression of the grounds, the oxygen content of the formerly living grounds and with it suffocates, incipient from the micro cultures, all criterion for a resistant and consequently mortgage able agrarian ground.

It is the beginning of a desertifikation, because a dead ground can hold water per kilogram of soil no more the share to his now remaining structure, as it in his quality long before many centuries! Become about world-wide annual. 6 billions hectares through desertifikation done useless. Is endangered 30 percent of the country surface of the entire earth altogether. This change is caused weak climate changes at the moment only to one low share by it very likely, because the natural habitats with their creatures are to be quite fitted the changing climate-conditions for itself in the situation. Form a healthy cycle of different plants and animals a habitat, even then is the majority of the creatures in the situation in their own system of the species increases a macro evolution of the rapid adaptations of their abilities in the behavior, but, to execute also in shape and metabolisms (time periods from approximately 20 -25 years is quite possible).

If the human being with his ideas and behavior turns in himself once, he quite would get earth following conclusions of the existing ecological problems on his home planet: The Homo Sapiens Sapiens accelerates his own development in such a dangerous speed, which not the natural habitats of the earth regardless of can survive. If the human being removes individual, very important ingredients of the complicated cycle formula from a specific ecosystem, then, this ecosystem sickens and even collapses to a certain degree of the changes of itself!
The human being generally must understand the way of his doings and also must handle that he raw material utilization, water economy, with a conscious utilization: agrarian, economy and also infrastructure - development a natural cycle can get, or too sensitive habitats unaffected leaves.

These ecology topics involve the populations to a part and to a large part the responsible and influencing finances and also authorities! It is an educational spectrum of a whole population, that can quite achieve more successes through ecological thinking and also actions in future in economics and ecology! A resource gentle action, a gigantic volume saves at future capital, that not in measures of the return to the condition of the nature must be financed, around at all still areas populates and, to also be able to farm! Many areas of our earth are so far advanced in their desertifikation that measures of the return to the condition of the nature exceed the possibilities of the people.

We people want the geared one through artificial means, but however every time adaptable operation of the nature, to generate about profit increases enormous through it, replaces.
We must watch the nature again in order to learn from her so that we can survive in an ecological balance!
To the topic of the desertifikation through human influences, that rather through the pressure of this of profit consequently - and profit maximizations of industrialized procedures in the agriculture and other areas, as comes less through an anthropogenic climate wanders of the earth, can be looked up MWS Massai Wildlife Soziety in the project-catalog from Stefan Rutzen.

Mutual listening and understanding
A main-work-nature of the MWS will be the forum of the discussions and mutual enlightenments in order to find consequently optimal solutions. One academic degree, a leading position can never replace the life experience of a farmer, a craftsperson and a nature doctors skilled over generations out completely. Rather, the solutions are to be sought in a mix from old experiences and methods and new findings of most modern research methods. Researches in the ecology and agrarian nature need the dialogue with other science-disciplines and generate the highest efficiency of the results in global work of the sciences over managements and interest groups out consequently, only so individual sciences become again more credible and Successful!

The solutions, that can be applied humanly practically and also technically on the spot, are primarily successfully. These ecologically meaningful solutions lead to a positive long time result and also can the agrarian cultivation successfully against game attack consequently - for example opposite the elephants on a natural way is protected. These local applications to this must be established in the populations and from the development - and also game-protection-companies and the authorities are supported! 

Wild animals destroy no more the agrarian cultivation of the people, climbs also the understanding and the interest to the habitat in game-protectorates and at the borders of nationalparks! Human being and nature can deem themselves mutually, and a exchange of the positive mutualities is created, because in Tanzania, the growing sector of service produces tourism 20 percent of the gross national product at the time after all and employs approximately 15 percent of the employed in Tanzania.

The main task of the Massai Wildlife Soziety places itself in the return in the natural cycles from extremely incriminated, natural pasture-areas in the hallways of cyclic game-animal-hikes of the moist-savannas, shrub and thorn-savannas and the dry-savannas. The burden of the wide savanna-surfaces in the game-protectorates, also at the outskirts of the national-parks, results from the elevated beef-attitude of the different populations, as a matter of priority the Massai in the areas of the Northern Circuits / northwest of Tanzania.

The Massai will have to make strongly in future for the habitat-receipt and the game-protection, because it involves their existence and their existence in the nature-areas in the northwest of Tanzania directly. To this, the Massai certainly don't need to give up the livestock attitude. The number of the cows and goats must be reduced on an amicable number and must be told their attitude better to the context of the protection of the base and the grass-cultures. To the diminution of the earths livestock, the men and the wives of the Massai get important new and to secure highly appreciative task designations also in the clans about the own economics long-term and to get around an unique habitat.

The MWS will work out from an ecology-school of Mto wa Mbu and will line up also after the needs and the circumstances of the infrastructure of course and will establish also mobile teaching units consequently. The most important criterion, in order to reach for striven game-protection and ecology-goals, is that of the company and also the individual people tried on theoretical and also practical instruction. Consequently, the MWS would like itself the success-oriented teaching method after the ways, how for example the enlightenment extremely popular and successful in Africa and instruction through spontaneous

Theater-presentations against the street and in the field, lines up. These opportunistic teaching methods should arrange also the people, that didn't visit any school, important knowledge and also abilities successfully in the areas of the game-protection and the ecology. Only understanding and also applying of important reason-criterions of the habitat-protection and also the ecological economics promotes a vital independence and also endurance of the populations in that of game-protection and frequented areas also nationalpark.

The instructions directly in the ecology-school will line up after a type of the Examinations, that even further specialists can produce in future. These specialists can use nationally in future in a school-net of the ecological formation and by several places are coordinated. Among other things, fundings to this can be transacted Tanzanias from a plan of the revenues from the ecologically generated revenues from the EBC Eastafrican business Company, from internationally laid out development-moneys and also from a funding over the revenues of the service-sector of the tourism-industry! Tanzania would like to inform still itself in tourism, and a high demand for professional specialists, there is in the area of the ecological alternative-tourism consequently.

The big nationalparks should be unburdened in tourism, and the surrounding areas should be shaped more attractively with help of the population. Now, a relief of the Hot spots should not lead to it, that a traveler to Eastafrica could not tell pride, at nationalparks that he visited the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Crater. Rather, it is Eastafrica's regular visitors, who spot also the actual country for itself, and that not necessarily with less animal-hands wilderness-experiences. Game reserves become eine return in the natural cycle, therefore unburdens from eat excessive grass and excessive management, then, also the tourists will thank, because in northwest Tanzania, one can game-animals with the jeep very well also outside the national-parks, on horses, on dromedaries, with the bicycle or on foot originally and with adventurous stimulation explores! Alone already the sceneries of the volcanically educated landscapes, in which different populations have felt native for many years and show their cultures with pride, mirrors the true Africa, African Heart again!

The training-system Massai Wildlife Soziety orients and continues education continually. Through looking beyond the edge of the own project, like among other things observing of the Millenium project in different areas of Eastafrica and also the direct contact with other Massai, and game protection projects and the ZGF Zoologischen company Frankfurt / Serengeti - Mara Ecosystem (from the nationalparks Serengeti and Maasai Mara existing), the NCA Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the TANAPA Tanzania national-parks, the result of the bearings revalues. Particular work-teams should explore themselves globally to the different task designations in the foreign aid and the different sciences of the zoology, biology, agrarian-economy and also the alternative medicine and should inform in order to generate such an optimum at solution-findings.

In the MWS, compartment-persons will find an employment mainly from Tanzania in the management and school-system! The Massai Wildlife Soziety will be separated socially from the EBC Eastafrican Business Company. The EBC will finance through an orienting volume at finance-means into the MWS in and represents the main-criterion of the existence-protection in the first years consequently. 

To these first information, to the first representation of the MWS Massai Wildlife of project, it can be looked up also in a project-catalog. To this, one is to be directed email to the contact-address Stefan Rutzen.

The thoughts of Stefan Rutzen and Liomo Elias about the tasks of the MWS Massai Wildlife Soziety stand by the life of the people and his children of this world.

- The human being protects only that, what he loves! -
  Researchers of the seas and Author Jacques-Yves Cousteau † 1997.

- The matter of the animals stands more highly for me as the worry to make me ridiculous,
  she is unsolvable joined with the matter of the people. - 

  French novelist Émile François Zola † 1902.

- For a Massai, the time is not important, rather it is the nature, that shows us all
  unequivocally, when it becomes darkness on the day! -

  Liomo Elias * 1987.

- The beauty is a bold appearance of the nature, she lets the language of the hearts sound
  and the language of the people falls silent! -

  Stefan Rutzen * 1973


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