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The fire of the volcanos and the meal-work of the continental-plates created a magic country 35 million years ago. What began as inconspicuous rip in the earth's,
crust turned into a mighty ditch, that passes sea from the Jordan-valley to red over this as far as to eastafrica's savannas. His animal and plant world is unique and from breathtaking beauty.

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This country is a paradise of the animals and the human people cradle:

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The Great Rift Valley

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The Rift Valley is 6000 km long, it extends from Israel to the Malawi-lake. On half way in Eastafrica, it divides into two poor, that are the most famous, the eastern one, a chain of ditches, seas and volcanos, from Kenya's north as far as in the south Tanzanias.
Nowhere fires and ash created more beautiful on the earth, it is artworks of the nature.

At the national highway 144 between Arusha and Karatu directly at the foot of the highest ditch-edge lies the place Mto wa Mbu. Here, not only the Gate of the Lake Manyara Nationalpark but also the location of the first vacation-installation and the office of the MWS Massai Wildlife Soziety in Tanzania in the Mto wa Mbu Game Controlled Area.

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