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EBC Eastafrican Business Company

The MWS Massai Wildlife Soziety will be conscious for itself the fact that the foundation of the entire project-catalog must consist of a regular funding.
To the foundation of the Massai Wildlife Soziety, it will be important in principle to appoint suitable people in the foundation-committee. It is the beginning-phase to the principle and implementation-planning of an ecology-school, that needs a minimum-number at co-workers.
The foundation of a game and culture-protection-company depends on the bearings after the finance-means, works out more difficult, however, if the foundation-committee gets together from gratuitously volunteers, is not impossible, however, in principle!

In the phase to the foundation of a company, but at the latest directly after it, the investigation must begin after a regular funding. To this, it needs at numerous conversations and also the consolidations with organizations, authorities, economy and also private-persons, without to endanger however the task-catalog in his principles of the social enlightenments, instructions and the supports in the ecological bearings and the game-protection interconnected with it!
The Massai Wildlife Soziety would like to see itself as an autonomous organization in principle, that will also work out economically independently. However, this independent alignment in the economic topics doesn't orient the conversations about the task-catalog of the MWS in principle!

It is the EBC Eastafrican Business Company, that is established capital of orienting economic-company of Liomo Elias and Stefan Rutzen with the society-legal duties as one and corresponds, the valid laws of the business-bar-ness and turnover and income-taxation in Germany as well as also in Tanzania.

Concrete directions pass economic-conduct, that are activated to the second half of the year 2013, to this. To the protection of the planning and preparation-processes, no further data are announced to Company in the advance to the EBC Eastafrican Business Company.

To the summer 2013, a first individual vacation-installation near the place Mto wa Mbu will be completed.
It is a first Lodge, that itself after the fairness and demand-handicaps of a very poor country directs that is ecologically geared very quite willing to go into the future. Tourists, who are directly to an alternative experience in and from the culture out in their vacation, are increased important is. These experiences won't stand less behind the committee-programs of the Luxuslodges, however it is exactly these, that unburden national-park, and the game-protectorates can promote. Of course also visits stand on the vacation-program in national-parks, a balance should originate to the ecology and game-protection-support. A mutual one meets, understands and listens between the tourist and the population the confirmation of the ecology-activities promotes, or but also recognizing of lacks and mistakes. A change-game of the possibilities can settle in that promotes the big-earners of the Luxuslodges not only one-sidedly but quite explicitly it will secure also him for survived of an unique habitat for people and animals.

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